Covid-19 daily infected case use by Online Casino Malaysia Sportsbook ODD

Overview of the topic

It is a dangerous situation at the moment because Covid-19 pandemic has mainly gripped the world, which has claimed thousands of lives on a daily basis. Some have decided to turn the crisis into the game. There are some of the illegal gambling or casino websites that are targeting former players in Malaysia and some other countries. They are offered the option of betting on a daily number of cases. Thus, this situation is indeed a primary concern for online casino Malaysia. It is high time for the government of Malaysia to take action against such illegal gambling or casino websites. The newspaper or some investigative sources have highlighted some of the sites that have a betting interface. These sites have made a dangerous attempt in encouraging former players to place high bets on the last digit of the number associated with daily new cases that are announced by Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The illegal gambling sites even make the player to bet on whether the number is even or odd or in case the latest number in the respective countries is much higher than the previous days. It was seen that the daily odds, along with results, were displayed with some other sports betting options and gained more prominence than football betting. This aspect has remained the usual mainstay of such sites.

The current scenario of Covid-19 daily infected case use by Online Casino Malaysia

The present scenario of Covid-19 is truly worrisome in the world. The situation in Malaysia is certainly not the same, which it was at one point in time. There were a lot of active online casino sites. Everything was normal, and a lot of players experienced a good time. Now, the scenario is different from before. The illegal gambling sites are now trying to gain the advantage of the new situation. They are trying to push players towards gaming which is not at all acceptable.

According to a different number of psychiatrists, they were not expecting the gamblers to bet on coronavirus cases. They thought sanity would prevail under these circumstances and will not exploit people and make them do unacceptable things. These are not at all ethical, and it is the time where former online casino owners must not do wrong things. They must wait for the things to get better, and then they can again open up opportunities for the players.

The problem that exists with many gamblers is that they would turn to any avenue, including the illegal ones to meet or feed their addiction. Their past has ruined them in this regard. With a psychological view, the act of gambling in these people actually triggers a lot of pleasure which centres in the brain. Under such a scenario, the release of the neurochemicals provides a sense of reward and also satisfaction. It is thus vital for these gamblers to have a regular fix of this problem. The gamblers who can now not bet in the casino or the suspended soccer games, needs to take what is available to them. The legal authorities need to take note of this situation. They must devise policies to address this problem.

The betting options on Covid-19 cases actually surfaced or came into notice when there was the suspension of the legal betting outlets in Malaysia and even in Singapore. The government in all these countries have taken measures in fighting the pandemic like the movement restrictions, and they have made many former clients to turn to online gambling services quickly. In a recent study conducted by analytics group AlphaBeta in Australia, it was found that the online gambling has increased or shot up by 65% since last month. It is necessary for the concerned authorities to act fast and take severe action against all those people who are involved in illegal gambling in Malaysia. The police is indeed having knowledge of the betting activities that is taking place relating to the number of Covid-19 cases and they would look into the matter very soon. Once the police would have more information about illegal remote gambling, they are going to surely then take strict enforcement action against offenders.

Under the act, all those who would get caught using an illegal remote gambling service can face a fine up to 5,000 Malaysian Ringgit. They can also end up in getting jailed for up to six months or both. Any person who is providing such an illegal service whether from Malaysia or overseas can face a fine up to 200,000 Malaysian Ringgit or jailed for than five years. Even though there are expected tough penalties but the dark reality of what they are mainly betting on, but it seems unlikely that the potential gamblers will completely end these activities. It is noted that such people would somehow find a way to gamble in some form or other when they would face deprivation of legal means. They can turn to options such as online bookies and anyone else who is actually willing in taking up a bet.

To Conclude

It is indeed a problematic situation at the moment. Though, no one can afford to ignore all the activities or threat posed by the illegal gamblers. The solution is necessary before it can get too late. By no means, the state of Malaysia can allow a specific group of people to place no importance to the law or legal concerns. There are ethical and humanitarian concerns as well, which makes the situation even further important. The media of Malaysia needs to play their role, and they must highlight this matter thoroughly. They need to uncover all those elements which are not taking essential issues seriously. With the combined efforts of all the vital stakeholders, the Malaysian government will have a situation in which they can quickly get rid of illegal gamblers. The ultimate aim is to make these elements realize the current problem of Covid-19 and must not make innocent people hostage to the present scenario.