15 Exercises to Tone Your Triceps, and a Bonus Feel-Good Stretch For Them, Too


Since you don’t see them when you glance in the mirror, it’s easy to forget about the back of your arms. But you need to work your triceps to tone that area. Running from your shoulder to your elbow, the main job of this muscle is to straighten your elbow, which is a really common motion, so you can actually work this area in many exercises. From controlling a dumbbell back to the starting position in a bicep curl to straightening your arms at the top of a push-up, focus on what the triceps are doing to squeeze the most out of your reps.

Working this muscle doesn’t mean you will lose fat on the back of your arms, but you will be building strength and muscle. For your toned triceps to pop, you need to lose weight all over, because you cannot spot-reduce fat by building muscle. We suggest a well-rounded workout plan with full-body strength training and cardio workouts.

Here’s a collection of 15 triceps exercises for you to rotate into your sweat sessions to start strengthening them; pick two to three of these exercises for each workout. It’s a mix of bodyweight moves and dumbbell and band exercises, and one of our favorites even uses the cable pulley machine.


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