27 Gadgets That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


Doesn’t it feel good to be the first person in your circle to know about the latest tech advancements? We love being able to share our knowledge with friends and family, and if you do too, keep reading. Sometimes, it feels like there are no more inventions left in the world, but creative, intelligent people are creating new items every single day with the sole purpose of making our lives easier, and we’re all too willing to shop. We’ve done some digging to find some seriously cool products that will have you feel like you’re living in the Year 3000.

Here at POPSUGAR, we love gadgets that make our lives easier. So, we’ve rounded up the 28 products we predict will becomes staples in our routines. From smart light bulbs (yes, really) to electric bikes and cool cameras, consider this your cheat sheet to what’s hot in tech for 2019. Just try to get through this post without wanting something new. We dare you.


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