A Definitive Guide to All of Kylie Jenner's Tattoos

It isn’t that Kylie Jenner is trying to hide her tattoos. (The reality star and beauty mogul has been open about most aspects of her life on her social media.) Rather, the reason why you might not have seen them all is because of their small size.

Believe it or not, when it comes to the number of tattoos Jenner has, it nearly reaches double-digits. On this list, you’ll find the tiny symbols, text written in dainty fonts, and red-ink creations she has etched on her body. You’ll see tattoos she’s matched with best friends and boyfriends, and even a clever way she had one design transformed post-breakup.

Ahead, check out all of Kylie Jenner’s tattoos, their placement, and the meaningful reasons behind them.

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