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Aknenormin Reviews, Price, Operation, Side Effects & How to Buy!

Aknenormin is a drug from the group of internal retinoids, which are among the most effective and strongest anti acne substances. It is used to treat the most stubborn and strongest forms of acne. Aknenormin is used only under the strict supervision of a dermatologist – it is available only on prescription, and the patient must agree to the treatment and confirm that he has become familiar with the possible side effects caused by this preparation.

Isotretinoin acts on receptors whose function is to block the processes of actinic keratosis. It facilitates exfoliation, stimulates collagen synthesis in the deeper layers of the skin and reduces scars and discoloration. It affects the reduction of inflammation, also normalizes the work of sebaceous glands, which reduces existing comedones and stops the formation of new ones. Aknenormin also reduces the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, which is responsible for the formation of acne lesions.


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Aknenormin composition

Aknenormin is a product of the retinoid group, which means it is a derivative (in this case artificial) of vitamin A, also called retinol. The main active ingredient of Aknenormin is isotretinoin.

Aknenormin use

Aknenormin should be used as directed by the treating physician, as it is a medicine with a strong effect and taking it in an inappropriate way can lead to dangerous consequences. When you are taking the medicine regularly, tests are carried out to check that the treatment does not cause negative effects in the body. If necessary, the treatment should be stopped or even completely discontinued.

Treatment usually lasts from three months to a year – during this time you should take a dose of the drug every day. It is individually determined with the doctor, and depends on both the severity of acne lesions and the weight of the patient. During the treatment, the use of exfoliating preparations and treatments should be avoided.

For everyday cleaning and care one should choose delicate cosmetics that do not irritate the skin. During the treatment you cannot do tattoos or earrings, and blood donation, laser hair removal and waxing are also forbidden. You should also not consume large amounts of alcohol, and it is best to avoid it during treatment completely.

It should be remembered that Aknenormin is teratogenic, which means that it harms the fetus. A woman deciding to be treated with this preparation cannot get pregnant during her life. Most often, in women who are sexually active, oral hormonal contraception is also used to prevent pregnancy.

Aknenormin side effects

Aknenormin, despite its effective action, causes many side effects. The almost always occurring ones are dryness and flaking of the skin, dryness and cracking of the lips and dry eyes. Liver disorders, joint and muscle pain, rashes and increased levels of fats in the blood, headaches, nosebleeds and dryness of the nasal mucous membranes, excess cholesterol and glucose in the blood are also common.

The most serious, less common side effects of taking Aknenormin include psychiatric disorders (mainly depression) and neurological disorders, liver, intestinal and stomach disorders, severe hair loss, nausea and vomiting, and impaired hearing and vision.

If any of these side effects occur during treatment, please consult your doctor immediately! In some cases, it may be necessary to stop or stop treatment.

Contraindications for use

  • Hypersensitivity to isotretinoin or any other component of the drug
  • Allergic to soybeans or peanuts
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Liver failure
  • Taking tetracycline drugs

Aknenormin Price

Aknenormin can only be bought in a pharmacy, it is sold only on a prescription. The cost of a monthly treatment is about 100 PLN, however, the price depends on the dose set by the doctor.

Aknenormin Reviews

Opinions about the drug are quite extreme. This is due to the fact that a lot of unpleasant side effects go hand in hand with a very effective action. Aknenormin is a drug that is very effective and permanently combating even the most onerous varieties of acne, but sometimes side effects during treatment are very intense and may even hinder normal functioning. However, this is an individual matter.

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