Beer Candy, Anyone? These Jelly Beans Are All About Flavor – Without Any of the Alcohol!

Just when you thought you’d seen every flavor of jelly bean imaginable, Jelly Belly released entire cans of beer-flavored jelly beans – and they’re nonalcoholic! That’s right, you can have your beer flavor (and candy) without any hangover symptoms. Each Draft Beer Jelly Bean 1.75-ounce can ($5) is filled with five small bags of jelly beans, which have a shimmery finish that mimics a bubbly, freshly poured look. So cool!

You can also mix up a fun “drink” in your mouth with any combination of jelly beans you like. Jelly Belly recommends eating two draft beer beans with one peach-flavored bean for a summery sangria taste, or swapping the peach for a red apple jelly bean to recreate the flavors of an apple shandy. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try two draft beer beans with a lemon-lime bean and a Tabasco jelly bean for a candy-based Michelada in your mouth. The possibilities are endless.

Keep reading for a glimpse at the beer-flavored jelly beans and for a look at how to open the (reusable!) faux beer can.

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