Disney World's New S'mores Gourmet Cookies Are Stuffed With Gooey Marshmallow Goodness

S’mores addicts, get ready to go wild. Disney World has finally combined the flavors of our favorite campfire treat with a cookie so thick that even Elastigirl would be impressed – and it’s absolutely overflowing with fluffy marshmallow goodness. These supersweet S’mores Gourmet Cookies are stuffed with melted marshmallows and topped with a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs and a generous drizzle of chocolate. So messy but so delicious!

This chocolate and marshmallow delight is available exclusively in the bakery case at Disney World’s Art of Animation resort for $5.95. That might sound pretty pricey for a cookie, but this is basically a massive cookie cupcake drowning in sticky marshmallows and chocolate, so it’s definitely shareable.

For more photos of this ooey gooey dessert, keep reading or check out Disney Food Blog, and try not make yourself hungry as you admire that impressive marshmallow stretch.

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