Embrace Your Inner Bruja With 5 Ways to Spring Clean your Mind, Body, and Soul


There’s been a change in the air recently, and it’s because of Spring’s imminent arrival on March 20. Days are getting longer and brighter, and cities are beginning to blossom with a newfound hope. The energetic change is palpable; there’s a desire for new beginnings, growth, and revitalization.

As the new season approaches, many take part in traditional Spring cleanings, the practice of heavy-duty cleaning and organizing of one’s home, office, or any relevant space. However, there’s a more significant cleaning we should be taking part in, and that’s cleaning our minds, bodies, and souls.

As Latinx, most of us grew up in a Catholic environment, and with Spring usually falling around “Semana Santa,” we would take that holiday to redeem ourselves, do some soul-searching, and start over again – sort of like our own version of Spring cleaning, but focused around Jesus.

Nowadays, Latinx millennials are dissociating themselves from religion overall, with a Pew Research Center study finding that 28 percent of Hispanic millennials have no particular religion or are atheist or agnostic, and a 13-point gap between Hispanic millennials and Hispanics overall when it comes to how many say religion is “very important” in their lives (47 percent vs. 60 percent).

A lot of us are instead rediscovering our indigenous and African roots, and relying on spirituality more than religion itself. We’re embracing our inner Bruja through cleansing, practicing ancestor worship, lighting candles, and honoring the earth, for a few examples. We’re giving energy more importance and we’re finding natural ways to heal.

Nevertheless, we tend to go through life accumulating a lot of energetic clutter – negative thoughts, words, and experiences – and we usually hold onto these things, creating unnecessary baggage that only affects our relationship with our surroundings. That’s why, as nature revitalizes, so should we. Here are five ways to create more positive energy this coming change of season.


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