Fall's Biggest Nail Art Trends Look Fancy – but Are Actually So Easy to Do


OK, so on a scale from Frida Kahlo to ventriloquist dummy holding a drawing pencil, your DIY nail painting skills might rank at a reasonable three. No matter! Fall’s coolest nail art trends may look like a lot of work, but they’re actually super easy to do.

“We’re shifting toward organic, sexy manicure shapes in rich, vibrant colors like a denim-gray, champagne holographic gold, and stunning bricks or terracottas,” said Eleanor Langston, chief creative officer of New York City salon Paintbox. Think: the dark, moody polishes you’ve come to love for the season, all adorned with a simple stud, metallic brushstrokes, or wavy designs.

Don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading for Langston’s full breakdown of Fall’s biggest nail art trends you’ll want to try this year (and exactly how to get ’em) – prerequisite painting experience, be damned.


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