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Strange Story of Female Sexuality Computers, Telephones and Female Sexuality


If we think about what has changed the most in our lives during the last century, most people would probably put on computerization, maybe for space flights. Probably someone would also be in favor of the phones. Once a rarity for the few, today we all carry them around our pockets. We also have a television that is getting better and more technically and with a more and more stupid program offer …

However, it is not a simple question but a reflection. The aforementioned phenomena have probably changed a lot and re-shaped society. I would add to this list the perception of female sexuality. This is just a breakthrough and a revolution.

After centuries of prevailing Victorian mentality, women have discovered that they can feel good and can treat sex like pleasure. For our Readers it is probably nothing revealing, but for their grandmothers or great-grandmothers, such a statement would be almost disgraceful.

There were always so-called women liberated, but usually the majority of women in the past period treated sex like duty and nothing more. It was not until the changes began to take place after the war, and not in all environments. Bum occurred in the sixties. However, even today there are those who think that a man “must” and a woman “does not fall out”.

It is possible that this text should have been written many years ago, and not in an era where every pot is advertised for potency and even for improving Female Sexuality. Possible. However, not everything is clear and that’s why I write it today. In the era of apparent liberation. I would like to put a few things into consideration. It is worth taking a look at the history, then assessing the present day.

Queen Victoria, Medicine and Psychoanalysis

Once there was a reputation among doctors that frigidity is the natural state of a civilized woman. I will not be malicious enough to cling to the obvious contradiction contained in this statement. However, he must wonder why the female libido has been depreciated so much. First, we had Christianity with the cult of virginity, and then Victorianism with a completely morbid approach to sex. This also had to lead to deviation in the very heart of medicine. The so-called. women’s hysteria was recommended to be treated by pulling the pubic hair …

The old textbooks on psychiatry are even more macabre. There, the proposition of treatments suggests such specific erotic associations and sadistic that the Marquis de Sade himself would have to be considered a miserable amateur. Today it is difficult to reach these materials, but many years ago I had the opportunity to see. It is difficult to forget the impression accompanying this reading.

And finally, we have Freud and psychoanalysis. There was a breakthrough, but the breakthrough was bizarre. From now on, women have not yet fully enjoyed their sexuality. Freud and his supporters, including even Karen Horney, based on the few cases of personality disorder, considered that all girls are jealous of a male penis and this has the final effect on all subsequent female sexuality.

Such conclusions had to be made. If they lived in an era in which a man could enjoy sexuality to a certain degree, and a woman did not, then some jealousy of this masculinity – male freedom – was a logical consequence. Under normal circumstances, do women jealously deny men? I do not think so. This must be clearly stated. The revelations of psychoanalysis were conditioned by Victorian and bourgeois culture, in which people loved each other only for procreation and sometimes even in shirts with openings. Not to see too much by accident.

It is clear that public houses were on the sidelines. There were also different situations in individual countries or environments, but Freud’s theories came from such a repressive culture.

Victims of Past Eras and Superstitions

All this structure had to collapse. So there was a sexual revolution. Today, most women are aware of their sexual rights and needs. Rather, men must try harder to please their partners. Here I could finish this discussion with a moral, have lived a long time and had many orgasms, but …

Still, for a large number of ladies orgasmit’s just a theory. There are also those who survive it, but very rarely. The reasons vary. Sometimes the lack of sense and delicacy of the partner is actually. Sometimes, it’s a good education. Yes Yes. Sometimes, upbringing is based on the theory that a girl needs to be brought up for this ideal of the Victorian ice queen. Eternally unhappy and always cold. Then comes a sense of guilt and conflicting aspirations. Instead of the joy of approaching, fear appears.

Can Tablets help Female Sexuality?

To some extent, yes. It is easier then to succumb to your senses. However, you must first look into your depth. How is sex perceived? Is it something beautiful or “ugly and dirty”? You must stand firmly in the face with your fears. It will be good to tell your partner about them so that he will be even more sensitive and gentle.

I do not think that this article is belatedly for several decades. Numerous conversations with women make me think that the problems described are still valid.

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