Get to Know the 15 Moms You're Bound to Meet at Summer Camp Family Day


Camp visitation day is super exciting: you get to see your kid after a few day’s absence, learn all about how they’ve been spending their time . . . and mingle with a whole bunch of other parents you probably have never met before. All different types of moms converge at a sleep-away camp on family day to see their nature-loving kids. And despite the fact that you may all be polar opposites, every mom there can relate to one another – because it’s all about the campers. But, that doesn’t mean you should go in unprepared. Read on for all the different types of moms you’re bound to run into while touring the cabins, eating in the mess hall, or trying your hand at macaroni crafts. Fair warning: tt’s totally ok if you don’t want to give every single one of these moms a camp friendship bracelet.


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