High Performance and Brunch-Approved, Alo Yoga Is What We're Sweating in Right Now


We’re always on the hunt for great new workout clothes that are sweat-wicking, comfortable, versatile, and easy to style. There’s nothing more annoying than realizing you brought your Spin leggings to barre class, so we like it when clothes can take us anywhere we need to go. Plus, we want functional athletic wear, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of it looking good on. We want to feel our best when we’re looking in that gym mirror midworkout, and that means having a cute outfit that can handle our sweat sessions. One of our favorite brands that checks all our boxes? Alo.

Filled with soft fabrics, technical designs, and the cutest colorways, this is one brand you won’t be able to stop shopping. The brand makes workout clothes that are ideal for both your yoga class and that post-flow brunch you’ve been looking forward to all week. It makes some of our absolute favorite leggings and tanks, plus there’s a pair of bike shorts we’ve been dying to try. The best part? Our top 18 picks are all available at Nordstrom, so you can add some workout wear to your no-doubt already-full shopping cart. All that’s left to do is schedule your next workout!

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