I Have 73 Questions About Margot Robbie's Perfect Home, but Mainly: Can I Move In?

Margot Robbie recently participated in Vogue‘s 73 Questions video series, and despite the fun interview, all I’m really concerned with is her effortlessly perfect home. The actress and cover star for the magazine’s July issue offered an intimate look at her Los Angeles home, which features a breezy beach-town aesthetic with farmhouse accents that can likely be attributed to the enduring influence of Fixer Upper. Oh, and there’s a surfboard that serves as decor – two actually!

Not to compare, but unlike many palatial celebrity homes featured in magazine spreads, Margot’s feels lived in and thoughtfully decorated in a way that seems inviting. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, my lease is up in a few months and I would love to be considered as a roommate. Watch the Vogue video ahead and then enjoy my unnecessarily detailed look at everything I love about the home – my future home, that is.

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