Let's Pray Our Pets Don't Act Like Joffrey Once They Sit on This Iron Throne Bed


Let’s be real: every household has a ruler. It’s the one who barks and immediately gets fed. The one who sits down and gets their belly rubbed without having to say a peep. The one who gets treated with an unfathomable amount of respect, no matter how much mud they track into the house (partners would be scorned). Our pets are simply the leaders of our families, which is why it only makes sense for them to sit on a throne – an Iron Throne, that is.

In honor of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, which premieres in April, one Etsy shop owner is bringing the wars of Westeros to our living rooms with an Iron Throne Pet Bed. Whether you have one pup who’s going to claim the Throne and go full Joffrey or a few kittens who can nestle in there together, it’s guaranteed to add some coziness to your home. Don’t laugh, but you probably will end up bending the knee to your fluffy ruler. Shop the Iron Throne Pet Bed ahead, and imagine your pet saying, “Because that’s what I do. I sh*t and I know things.”


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