More Peanut Butter? Or More Chocolate? Reese's Indulgent New Cups Let You Decide


More peanut butter? Or more chocolate? Reese’s is putting you in charge of the salty-to-sweet ratio by releasing two new candies: Peanut Butter Lovers and Chocolate Lovers cups. Officially hitting shelves in mid-April, the limited-edition Peanut Butter Lovers cups have – are you ready to drool? – an actual peanut butter candy top shell, whereas the Chocolate Lovers cups have a higher proportion of sweet milk chocolate compared to a classic cup.

The mouthwatering sweets will be available in both regular and king sizes once they make their grand debut this Spring. Already curious about how they taste? I had the chance to try both flavors ahead of time, and to be honest, my tastebuds are still recovering. Keep reading for the lowdown, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the candy aisle come mid-April so you can try these bad boys for yourself.


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