OMG, Aldi Is Releasing Its $9 Bottled Mimosa in a Mango Flavor


There’s a new item joining Aldi’s growing list of pre-mixed brunch cocktails, and it might just be our favorite one yet. Just months after the grocery brand announced a $9 mimosa drink in a pineapple flavor, Aldi is back with a brand-new easy-to-serve bottle, and this one comes in a sweet mango flavor.

Like last Summer’s pomegranate mimosa and last Spring’s classic flavor, the mango mimosa will come pre-mixed in a 750-milliliter bottle that you can enjoy with a few friends in the comfort of your own home or while lounging around at the park. The bottled drink will be available at Aldi on June 19, which means you have plenty of time to send this one to the group chat and get your brunch plans in order!


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