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Protein – Benefits & Properties of Supplementing With Proteins?

The term proteins comes etymologically from the French word protein, and is from the Greek proteins, which means prominent, fundamental, or means “first quality”, and proteins are one of the molecules that are essential for the proper functioning of the human organism .

The Proteins, represent the essential element for the construction of the most important tissues, layers or films that constitute the human body and, in turn, they regulate the countless biological functions or life processes.

Protein shakes have a large amount of these molecules in their composition, and their consumption is attractive, since in the market you can get a wide variety of shakes with different flavors, compositions and additional effects that give an additional effect to your consumption.

How does Protein work?

The proteins are macronutrients that are present in each and every one of the life forms and species that may exist, they are conformed by some very specific organic-chemical substances called amino acids, which are arranged linearly linked by peptide bonds (constituted by the unification of a small number of amino acids) and / or polypeptides in a chain.

Amino acids are the primary material and the origin of proteins. In nature, there is the possibility of obtaining thousands of amino acids, but only 20 are used in the construction of proteins and these are called: protein or canonic amino acids , which themselves develop some physiological activities.

The order in which the amino acids are arranged depends particularly on the genetic code of each individual. They have a composition that consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen; most Phosphorus and also Sulfur.

What Benefits does the Protein Provide?

Among the main benefits that proteins provide to people we can mention that these are essential for the body to carry out adequately all its functions and in the most favorable conditions.

Likewise, protein shakes, or proteins, can also influence the conformation and regeneration of DNA, which is the protein found in the cell nucleus and is the primary constituent of the human genetic material;

These drinks also actively influence the regeneration of other human tissues, whether in the organs, muscles, tendons, skin (dermis and epidermis), bones, nails and hair.

They prevent the skin from breaking or degenerating, increasing muscle mass and strength, especially if the consumption of proteins is accompanied by exercise or physical activity, such as weight lifting.

Similarly, they are important because they create antibodies and contribute to the strengthening of the immune or immune system, which is the guarantor of both maintaining good health and avoiding diseases and infections.

They are a rich source of energy that facilitate the entire digestive process and, on the other hand, help to assimilate the nutrients that the body requires; They keep in balance the levels of oxygen and also the glycaemia or sugar in the blood, as well as they help to eliminate waste of the organism when influencing the digestive processes.

Consuming proteins could increase the absorption and retention of calcium, improving the metabolism of bones and preventing osteoporosis or other diseases of the bone system.

But consume protein shakes not only help to nourish the human body, but also can help you lose weight, because these shakes, for their composition, have a great satiating effect, so take one as a snack in the daily routine, or right after finishing a heavy training session, eliminates the feeling of hunger and reduces the craving for eating foods rich in fats, sugars and / or carbohydrates.

This is because how proteins have the ability to produce a feeling of fullness, reduce hunger and restrict, in this way, the amount of calories to eat, likewise, they increase the metabolism, increasing the caloric burn that is obtained with physical activity.

In short, ingesting energy drinks provide a great number of benefits to the organism, and actively participate in its proper functioning, so that it can be affirmed that these are indispensable or, rather, vital for the human being.

What Price does Protein have?

Proteins can be found easily in the market in different types of stores, both physical and online. They can be purchased in supermarkets, pharmacies, commercial stores, some websites for purchase and sale … and have a wide variety of prices.

For example, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Powder Protein with chocolate flavor is priced at € 59.90; On the other hand, the Protein World mix can be purchased at a cost of € 46.00; The Mammut Formel 90 protein can range between € 38.99 and € 38.89; While Serious Mass Winner costs about € 26.91 approx.

The prices vary depending on the type, the format, the ingredients they contain, the source, the brand, the weight or quantity, the packaging and presentation, the origin, as well as the quality of the product.

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