Testosterone – Your Ally Who Sometimes Becomes An Enemy


Testosterone is indispensable for men and women – although women’s organisms produce it in much smaller quantities. Without it, you cannot function normally, although some of its derivatives are the culprits of some unpleasant ailments (even baldness in men ). What do you need this hormone for?

The Basic Tasks of Testosterone

In both sexes, testosterone (in appropriate, optimal for each sex amounts) improves the mood, positively affects the vitality, is responsible for the level of libido.

In addition, Testosterone Depends on:

The formation of sexual characteristics in fetal life, testosterone deficiencies at this stage of development result in hypoplasia and congenital malformations including the so-called men’s perennial obesity, so it is extremely important at the stage of fetal life (it is also produced in small quantities by the placenta of a pregnant woman),

Testosterone also comes to the fore at the stage of puberty , when it forms the so-called secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. voice, type of hair, facial hair, genital development and body structure as a whole,

Testosterone is a very strong anabolic, i.e. a substance which, stimulating protein synthesis, contributes to building muscle mass and strength, in this form is often used (or rather abused) in bodybuilding supplementation, with synthetic testosterone, however, it is better to improve the level of this hormone in a natural way, and there are ways to do it. By the way, I will add that with the drop in the testosterone level, which is already at the age of thirty (every decade the man loses about 10% of the hormone), there is a decrease in strength and muscle mass,

Testosterone affects libido, is responsible for the intensity of sex drive , but on the other hand, when using the supplementation mentioned above, this effect is reduced, and even disappears altogether, here is another benefit of natural influence on testosterone levels in men,

Testosterone is responsible for the development, regeneration and “quality” of bones, with age, along with the loss of this hormone in men’s bodies, men also face the threat of osteoporosis – a problem that we used to associate mainly with menopause in women,

Natural testosterone positively affects the sexual organs , but when taken in the form of a drug or supplementation significantly stimulates the development of the prostate, which may lead to its hypertrophy, testosterone supplementation increases the risk of prostate cancer, it is used if necessary, never without agreement with a doctor, always under his strict control,

High levels of testosterone (eg in connection with supplementation) increase blood cholesterol levels , which significantly contributes to an increased risk of atherosclerosis. Interestingly, estrogens, i.e. typical female hormones (also found in men in small quantities) reduce this level – the more you can see the need to maintain full hormonal balance,

Testosterone also influences emotions , in favorable conditions (ie depending on the model of emotional shape) it favors the appearance of such features as definitely, courage and independence, and in unfavorable conditions, unfortunately increases the level of aggression, sometimes even leads to complete emotional fluctuation and inability to control over bursts of negative emotions of a very destructive nature.

Is Testosterone an ally or an Enemy in this Regard?

Maintained at the appropriate level by maintaining a healthy diet and high hygiene of life, and with normal emotional development, testosterone is an ally of both men and women. Once the balance between many hormones has disrupted (testosterone does not have to be the main culprit of this situation), testosterone turns into one of the most serious enemies. Hence, only a step to the conclusion that nature knows what it does, do not disturb it, but only help maintain the regularity of vital signs and, consequently, maintain the normal level of hormones.

They are the most important regulators of human organisms that are easy to become enemies with allies. Do not make enemies.

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