The 48 Best New Lego Sets Coming Out in 2019 That You'll Want to Build With Your Kids

No matter how old we get, the prospect of putting together a Lego set always thrills us. Last year, Lego nearly broke the internet with the announcement of its 6,020-piece Hogwarts Castle set (which I, a 28-year-old adult, am still upset I didn’t get for Christmas), and this year, the brand has its own very large shoes to fill – and we feel confident for them.

Ahead, see some of the best Lego sets coming out in 2019 (some of which are already available!), including new Toy Story 4 sets, The Lego Movie 2 sets, a line of sets that work with an app to create an AR experience, and a ton of other new innovations that’ll have your kids’ fingers (and minds) busy in the coming year.

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