The Brilliant Makeup Trick Meghan Markle Always Does but No One Has Noticed


As we’ve watched her transition from TV actress to member of the royal family, one thing’s become very clear: Meghan Markle has plenty of beauty tricks up her sleeve. Some she’s borrowed from Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, and some she’s established herself.

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her signature messy bun and a good dose of bronzer, but she also has a lip liner trick that you’ve probably never even noticed. Overlining the lips is nothing new, and the technique often gets a bad rap (thank you, the ’90s), but recently the trick has been used in a far less obvious way, to make lips appear fuller without adding color. Markle has been doing this so subtly that it’s barely noticeable, which makes all the difference in maintaining a natural finish. We asked celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff to share how to make lips look naturally fuller using liner at home, so keep reading to get all her top tips, and see all the photos of Markle making it look easy.


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