The Secret to Meghan Markle's Wedding Glow Wasn't Actually the Makeup

There are plenty of tricks Meghan Markle uses to maintain her ever-glowing complexion and minimalist makeup look. From subtly overlining her lips to playing with slight makeup changes, she’s the queen duchess of a sophisticated royal glow. Her wedding day makeup was the epitome of radiance, with makeup that lasted through the entire day of celebration without looking caked on, while allowing her freckles to show but still providing just enough coverage.

This is all thanks to her trusty makeup artist Daniel Martin – or so we thought. He recently revealed to Stylist that he actually attributes most of Markle’s glow that day to facialist Sarah Chapman, who worked with Markle to ensure her skin was in tip-top condition for the big day.

Martin said, “Meg actually saw Sarah Chapman the day before, so she had this incredible facial. A lot of my work is actually dependent on the esthetician,” he continued, “I didn’t have time to see her, so knowing she would be in good hands and have her skin taken care of meant my work was pretty much done.” So there you have it from the man himself, look after your skin and your makeup will enhance it for an effortless-looking G L O W.

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