The Secret to Zoë Kravitz's Near-Perfect Skin Is $445

Everything about Zoë Kravitz can be boiled down, summed up, and expounded into one word: effortless.

It was this air of confidence, of certain nonchalance, that loomed in the room of the YSL Beauty Hotel in NYC, where she sat cross-legged on a big, red sofa in an understated white Saint Laurent t-shirt for our interview. “I don’t really have any beauty regrets, no,” she coyly told POPSUGAR, gently setting down her cup of tea.

Don’t try too hard, let things go, give yourself time to process – this is what Kravitz lives by. Now, the free-spirited musician-slash-actress is sharing how she applies that mentality to her beauty regimen – which, ironically, does not come free after all.

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