The Sexiest Books of All Time Will Have You Blushing With Every Turn of the Page


Sexiness in books is preconceived to be limited to romance novels, but it’s more than that. It’s a universal concept that takes on many connotations about having power and agency and challenging old norms about sex. Whether it’s Lolita and Anna Karenina for class or picking up Zane’s book for pleasure (pun intended), these stories center on a woman’s narrative or celebrate sexuality in a liberating way that’s not exclusive to romance. Books that were considered too scandalous and taboo for society are now being praised for their revolutionary schools of thought, particularly now because we are at a juncture in society where we’re having open discourses about sex and pushing marginalized voices to the forefront. The impressive books on this list have been doing that way before it registered in our collective consciousness.


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