These Hysterical Curse-Word Oven Mitts Are Perfect For Parents Who Love to Say "F*ck!"

Finding the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your parent can be really f*cking hard, especially when it seems like they has every possible mug or candle on the face of the planet. But do you know what they probably doesn’t have? An oven mitt with curse words on it. Yep, they exist out there in this crazy, creative world, and you can buy them online for just $14 – what a deal! With phrases like “F*ck this sh*t” and “B*tches get stuff done” printed alongside pretty illustrations, these funny kitchen accessories were made for the parent in your life who loves to let the swear words fly while baking or cooking away. You can shop these one-of-a-kind oven mitts ahead, along with other non-curse-word options from the same collection that are equally as sassy.

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