These LGBTQ+ Best Friends Are Raising a Child Together in the Name of Coparenting


Warning: major 9 Months With Courteney Cox spoilers ahead!

Best friends Brandi Andrews and Lawrence Carroll first met working at The Abbey, a famous gay bar in West Hollywood, CA. After years of friendship and one honest conversation over a Sunday shift, the pair decided to start a family together. As if agreeing to have a baby with your best friend isn’t hard enough, Brandi and Lawrence opted to document their entire experience on the Facebook Watch series 9 Months With Courteney Cox, beginning with the very first episode.

“We were just airing out our grievances as best friends typically do at work,” Lawrence told POPSUGAR about how they initially discussed the idea. “She had just broken up with a girlfriend of hers and I was sick and tired of not having a boyfriend. I told her I wanted to start a family, and she felt the same way. Then a coworker who was listening suggested that we just start one together. We just looked and we were just like, ‘OK!’ and then three years later we ended up with a baby.”

Although the pair makes the decision to coparent seem like a dream, the road to becoming mom and dad was far from easy. Shortly after agreeing to bring a child into the world, Brandi was hit by two drunk drivers in a terrible car accident. “It was a long process, and Lawrence was by my side throughout my recovery,” explained Brandi. “He took me to surgery, physical therapy, all that jazz. Then I just came to him one day and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just ready. Let’s just try it and if it happens cool, and if it doesn’t we’ll just keep trying.'”


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