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Treatments for Facial Blemishes: Which is the Best for You?

The spots on the face appear more frequently by exposure to the sun, however, they can also appear on our face due to acne marks or hormonal changes. But do not worry, there are many ways to get rid of these spots and this time I will talk about more than one treatment for facial blemishes to restore health and beauty to your skin.

What options Exist as a Treatment for facial Blemishes?

Of the treatments that can be accessed, are creams and depigmenting peels, and the application of lasers and light sources controlled by dermatologists. In general, these treatments are complex and need to be combined, however, not any peeling or laser is valid, as they can be counterproductive, so the photo protection should be the basis of everything.

There is a great variety of depigmenting agents that can help us improve the appearance of those annoying spots and that should be used depending on the problem we present and our skin type. Among these agents, we can highlight the following: retinoic acid, retinol, vitamin C, azelaic acid, kojic acid, etc. It is very likely that we should complement this with treatments of light sources (laser or pulsed light) or peelings.

What are Peelings?

This treatment for blemishes on the face is used to combat damage caused by the sun, scars or marks of the passage of time. It is a completely safe treatment, but like any branch of medicine, it must be done by an experienced doctor.

There are many factors that you must take into account before performing a peel, such as: the simultaneous use of topical agents, the base pigmentation of the skin, the conditions of the active skin, the propensity to heal and the likelihood of irritation of the skin. skin. If your pigmentation is darker, make sure you only receive medium depth peels that are not aggressive or superficial peels.

Generally, depigmenting peels are used beta and alpha hydroxy acids (pyruvic, salicylic, glycolic, etc.) accompanied by depigmenting substances such as (vitamin C, kojic acid, retinoic acid, hydroquinone, etc.), this in various concentrations and combinations based on the effect we want and the type of stain we present. This treatment must be accompanied by a good skin preparation and a protocol that must be strict, which usually consists of strict sun protection for several days or weeks.

And about the Application of light Sources as a Treatment for Spots on the Face?

On the subject, it has been proven that Q-Switched lasers and pulsed light have been until now the best treatments for lentigo-type spots, and will continue to be so, since with the advancement of technologies, new and better laser devices continue to appear. , even the fractionals. However, although these have been contraindicated in hormonal spots such as melasma, by certain protocols that are applied by dermatologists. However, they may be valid for very specific cases.

This treatment allows to eliminate the spots on the skin present on face, neck and hands, which appear mainly by exposure to the sun, is a completely painless procedure and leaves no marks or scars, and depends on the type of skin, pigmentation and age of the person. The types of spots that can be treated by means of laser treatments are: melasma, solar lentigines, hyperchromic scars, café-au-lait spots (neanic macules), after-effects of depigmenting treatments, etc.

Remember, before starting any treatment for spots on the face , it is necessary to determine the origin of them, because in some cases they can be diseases and not the sun’s effect, it is then a priority, to know what is your specific case, since, in Based on that, you can determine the best solution. However, talking with your doctor and asking any questions you have may also be beneficial in the process.

A Natural Option

However, if these treatments seem very expensive or you do not have the time to go to the doctor and consult about these treatments with him, I can recommend Revitol Skin Brightener, which has been developed with the aim of combating the spots that appear in the skin. This product is completely natural, composed of ingredients such as extracts of certain plants which, with their powerful nutrients, eliminate stains and give back the luminosity to your skin.

Among its great benefits, it is worth noting that it provides the skin with the necessary antioxidants to combat free radicals that take care of aging our skin, as well as preserving the freshness of our dermis, protecting it from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Being a product of components only natural there is no known side effect, so you can apply it to your skin with total safety, however, if this does not convince you, you can apply a little on the arm to ensure that there will be no allergic reaction.

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