Ummm . . . Seth Rogen Is Hot

Seth Rogen graces the cover of GQ‘s Summer issue, and the world is here for it. The 37-year-old actor spoke to the magazine about his new film Long Shot, which also stars Charlize Theron, as well as the life lessons he’s learned from Kanye West. Sure, we all know and love Seth from his days on Freaks & Geeks and in comedy classics like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad, and Knocked Up – but these recent photos shed a whole new light on the goofy comedian-turned-heartthrob, and Twitter has taken note.

In the editorial, Seth is pictured on the beach, smoking a joint over a vintage Gucci ashtray and standing in a desert looking smugly at the camera with the sun shining behind him. Is he a comedian? A style icon? My new celebrity crush? Whatever he is, all I know is that I’m a stan. Oh, and let’s not forget Seth’s dog, Zelda, who joined in on the photo shoot; hot man + adorable dog = bliss. Read on to see more photos and the reactions happening on Twitter, which are appropriately thirsty.

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