Wedding Champagne Walls Are So Pretty, I Want to Set One Up in My Living Room Right Now


When I was a kid, I dreamed of having a chocolate fountain as the centerpiece at my wedding someday. If you asked me today, I’d probably still like the idea of the chocolate fountain a lot, but it’d definitely be a tossup between that or one of these amazing Champagne walls. The floral decor at most weddings is gorgeous in its own right, but Champagne walls double as a piece of art and a photo backdrop, so you can sip and snap pictures at the same time!

While some of these eye-catching installations are structural and clean, others are hidden by shrubbery to create a floating illusion, which looks like it takes a little more planning but is definitely worth it for the photo ops. Seriously, if I ever attend a wedding and they have a Champagne wall, I’m heading straight over for a selfie – and a glass of bubbly, of course. See the gorgeous piece of wedding decor ahead, and maybe take some inspiration for any big parties or celebrations coming up in your life.


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