Why Bella Thorne Never Washes Her Face in the Morning

When it comes to face washes, there are many schools of thought. Some people single cleanse, some double cleanse, and some people triple cleanse (yes, that’s a thing). There are so many methods and different formulas that it can be hard to figure out what works for you. One celebrity seems to have it sussed out, however, and that’s Bella Thorne.

In her Vogue makeup tutorial video, she opened with, “I’m not going to wash my face, I don’t wash my face in the morning because there’s a thing called over-washing your face. When I had really bad acne that was one of the things I stopped and it actually helped my skin. Not that I’m saying you guys have to not wash your face in the morning, it’s just something that worked for me.”

Now, we don’t recommend that everyone should stop washing their face in the morning. This is a process that works for Thorne and her specific skin concerns, but that may not be the case for everyone. That being said, many dermatologists do believe it not necessary to wash your face in the morning as long as you thoroughly cleansed it the night before.

After not washing her face, the rest of Thorne’s skin-care routine is just as simple. She uses moisturizer as her first step and follows this with a little tinted moisturizer. As for her makeup, it’s not over-complicated but it’s definitely not boring. Thorne also revealed that she always does her own makeup, even on set, which she admits is “always fun to get into contractually.” Let’s just say she knows what works for her.

Watch the full video to see how Thorne does minimal skincare and maximum outcome when it comes to makeup. Spoiler: it ended with glitter, because of course it did.

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